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Keep Your Relationship Going Try Some Dating Games

Keep Your Relationship Going Try Some Dating Games:

If you have been in a relationship for a while your dates may be getting old and tired. If you are going to the same restaurants week after week it is time to change it up and add some variety to your dates. Depending on the time of year there are many fun and inexpensive dates to take your honey on. A picnic is always a fun and romantic date to set up during the spring and summer. You can go as far as bringing candles and romantic music to your picnic site to add to the special event.

Take your partner’s interest into account when you plan your date. If your partner is a huge football fan, plan for a picnic on a football field and bring a football to toss around after you eat.

During winter time consider a trip to the ice skating rink for a quick skate followed by hot cocoa and hotdogs from the snack bar. This will bring you back to your younger years and can spark conversations about how you were when you were children, which are always humorous and will bring you closer together. It is little changes like this that will keep a relationship going.


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