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Awesome Dating Games to Spice Up Your Romantic Life

When your love life tends to get boring, there are various types of dating games that you and your girlfriend can play to rekindle the fire in your relationship. In fact, a lot of couples found dating games very therapeutic and effective in enhancing their love life. Playing dating games is not that complicated. You can easily develop or invent one yourself. These games can be very essential in spurring excitement back into your love life. A lot of couples attest to the effectiveness of dating games in stimulating stagnant relationships especially those of estranged partners.

There are no rules in making an effective dating game. As pointed out earlier, you can create your own and maximize it for your relationship’s advantage. Here are some unique dating games that can inspire you in making one by yourself.

  • Who’s Got Balls?

This dating game is very simple. The rules are similar to a basketball game. The goal is to gain the highest core in just a minute. Players can score points by shooting a ball or any material that resembles one on a basket. Well, you really do not need to use a real basketball court to play this game. A pail or an empty canister would perfectly do. The idea is to have fun and not be too technical about it. So what is the catch? The catch is, the winner can do whatever he or she wants with his or her partner. Anything as long as it is good clean fun but well, that is also optional.

  • Name that Tune or Strip

Here is an exciting game that will spice up your bland sexual life. The dating game is familiar with that popular TV game show “Name that Tune”. However, this version has a twist, and a rather sexy one. The player who fails to name a particular tune gets to strip one article of her clothing. All you will need for this is an iPod player set in random and a bottle of champagne for that extra oomph.

These are only some of the awesome dating games that you can play. For more ideas, check out various resources online.


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