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The before-dating ritual

Getting back into the dating game can be scary and for many people they have several dating game questions.  There are things we all do, like rituals, before going on a date and there are a few dating game questions you should answer before you begin the journey of your next date. How do you present yourself?  Are you dressed appropriately? How do you carry yourself?  Each of these questions is posed before each one of our dates and we spend the time to answer them.  So how should each be answered?

How do you present yourself?  This is one of the crucial dating game questions we ask before we even meet a person.  Communication is all about the way you dress and your body language, as well as speaking.  Are you dressed appropriately?  Remember that the way you dress will affect the type of attention you get.  So, if you are showing off your assets more than normal, that is probably the type of attention you will receive. If you dress in business wear, chances are you are going to attract clients or people looking for your business services.  How do you carry yourself?  The way you walk can either present you as confident or insecure.  So be careful to carry yourself the way you want to be seen.

These are just a few of the dating game questions that people ask before going on a date and they are important in how you are seen by others.  You want to be yourself but also present yourself well to others.  So be careful with your body language and what type of clothing you decide you wear.  You want to attract the right kind of people for you to date and you need to confidence to do so.  Everyone can see confidence and this is a trait that many people are attracted to so you want to present yourself in that manner.


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