Dating games

Most people have either been through an awful experience with someone playing dating games or they themselves have played dating games on someone else.  These dating games can make dating scary situation for a lot of people.  No one wants someone to play games with them.  They want someone who will treat them with respect and who will be honest with them.  So the advice for you is to show respect and be honest.  If you do these two things, you can avoid playing games with someone either on purpose or accidentally and it will help you recognize someone who is also honest and respectful.

Being able to pinpoint someone who is not playing games is an important key factor in dating.  You want someone who will be honest with you and not string you around.  It will help you be able to let go of anyone who is playing games with you and keep you from playing games with others.  Several people tell themselves that they are not playing games, but the truth is they may not recognize it, so pay attention to see if you are playing games with someone else.  It will come down to the golden rule.  “Treat others as you want to be treated.”   If you don’t want someone to play games with you then you probably shouldn’t play games with them.  And having an honest relationship is important if you want any relationship to last.

No one wants someone to be using dating games on them.  It is a horrible experience and sometimes very painful; which means that you don’t want to be using games on someone else either.  Dating is a hard thing to do and you want to avoid anything that can ruin the experience for you or for someone else.  Enjoying dating can be easy as long as you are honest and avoid playing games.

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